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Introduction to bird's nest

Bird's nest or nest is the name of a food - famous medicine made of bird nest. This is the delicacy of East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and many other countries. In Vietnam, Salanganes'Nest is ranked in Bat Tran (eight dishes sour taste). Salanganes'Nest is called "caviar caviar of the East". Salanganes'Nest has been consumed by Chinese people 400 years ago. Salanganes soup looks like a knife glue is cooked with spices added a little starch, sugar. Bird's nest soup is one of the most expensive animal dishes, in Hong Kong the price of a bowl of soup about $ 60. The oats are found on cliffs, caves where birds live oats. The oats that are harvested are the white bird Aerodramus fuciphagus (Nest oat) and the black nest of Aerodramus maximus (Black nest), but only the nest of oats row is known under the name of Yen Island. Due to the dangerous nature and limited number of islands can be exploited, this type of Salanganes'Nest often have the highest price compared to other types of nests in the market. White blood and blood nest (Blood Sugar) is said to be richer and more precious

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